Our music project Saltrane features recent compositions and re-arrangements of early pieces. The songs, composed, arranged and produced by ourselves, reveal melodic moods and changing leads in a blend of rock and pop. Our style is impactful and strong, yet never harsh. Polyphonic hymns alternate with catchy tunes. Sparing a dedicated lead singer, we rather play our songs like in a theatre performance with shifting main acts. Our lyrics touch upon societal relevant issues, as they embed our own experiences in a sort of persona approach. There is a message in each of them.

You may view us as a music project with some gravity. The outstanding style mix, along with diverse lyrics, offers a diverse interpretation of the world around us. Critical and reflective, yet never accusing. We want our music to move or even touch you, and let our lyrics stimulate us to rethink. Sound aesthetic, we believe, is the key to the secrets of world. Our audience is diverse, as is our music. Explore your preferable piece – and join us on our journey!


Saltrane is

Stefan Lang – guitar, keys, vocals

Norbert Pronold – drums, keys, vocals

Additional Musicians are

Andreas Petutschnig – guitar, vocals
Regina Fröhlich – vocals, bass guitar

Barbara Paiva – Cello